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How to Grow Your Own Money is our top-rated in-house course and is the only course of its kind designed specifically to provide managers with financial decision-making skills they can apply at both a business and a personal level:
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Companies benefit from managers who understand the world of business and who are proactive in the financial management of their own organisation. Managers learn how to make the most of their hard-earned cash.
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Since 1988 Insight Financial Consulting has been providing in-house management development and consultancy solutions aimed at helping organisations of all sizes improve financial performance, building up an extensive client base including numerous FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 companies, along with many leading international brands. Tens of thousands of managers from all over the globe have benefited from Insight Financial Consulting's expertise.
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Management development and consultancy solutions have been provided for a wide variety of industries, both in the United Kingdom and abroad. Here is a selection of our clients, past and present:
White Paper

White Paper

"Financial Awareness and Business Performance
- The Facts"
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Grow Your Own Money

Make sense of investing

The independent investors' guide
by David Meckin
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Naked Finance

Make sense of business finance

A guide to business finance
by David Meckin
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David Meckin

David Meckin

Founder, Managing Director, author and keynote speaker
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