Management Consultancy

Insight Financial Consulting regularly provides management consultancy services, advising on the development and implementation of financial strategy and the design of associated management reporting systems.

Past Projects

A small selection of past projects is indicative of the diversity and versatility of consultancy services provided:

Monthly Board Pack

Design the structure and content of the monthly board pack of a multi-national group to ensure it is concise, understandable and effective.

Key Performance Indicators

Devise appropriate key performance indicators for use in a multi-site business to ensure management action is consistent with corporate objectives.

Budget Process

Develop a fully integrated budgeting process within a multi-product group structure that provides a consistent approach to planning and budgetary control within all subsidiary companies.

Management Reporting System

Design and implement a management reporting system for monitoring and controlling capital expenditure projects, to ensure expenditure is maintained within pre-defined limits.

Evaluation of Potential Trading Partners

Develop a methodology for evaluating the commercial performance of potential trading partners.

Five Year Plan

Advise on the development of a corporate five-year plan and assess the potential impact of key strategic initiatives.
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